3D labels

Labels with a relief structure make an impression. The three-dimensional structure encourages people to reach out and touch; products with this feature get more attention.

Design freedom is almost unlimited. You are free to draw up the size, shape, colour, colour mix and structure of the relief labels/embossed labels.

We provide the 3D labels to you in the form of self-adhesive labels, tags or for sewing on.

Relief labels made from PVC or silicone

Relief-Etiketten - Silikon / PVC
3D- / Relief printed labels - PVC, silicone
Reliefetikett - Silikon
Relief printed label – silicone
Relief labels made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and those made from silicone look very similar. However, unlike the slightly less expensive PVC labels, silicone labels do not contain any plasticisers and are therefore often preferred.

Typical sample applications for PVC labels/silicone labels:

  • labels for bags and fashion accessories
  • Brand transfers for products

An optional circumferential sewn groove can be used to make it easier to attach the relief labels to your product.

Domed labels

3D - DOM-Etiketten
3D / relief printed labels – domed
As a result of coating with transparent cast resin, these 3D adhesive labels achieve a crystal clear three-dimensional look as well as captivating luminosity and brilliance.

Self-adhesive 3D labels are therefore the ideal way of implementing luxury end advertising. They are used wherever appearance and extreme durability are key.

The base for domed labels are printed adhesive labels made from paper or foil. Very elegant effects can be achieved with these labels, thanks in particular to the use of silver metallic adhesive foils combined with the three-dimensional effect.

The benefits of domed labels at a glance:

  • Self-adhesive
  • Long lasting, UV-resistant and weather-resistant
  • Temperature-resistant from -40°C to 120°C
  • Permanently flexible and crystal clear
  • High quality look

Imitation leather labels

Kunstlederetikett mit Prägung
Imprinted imitation leather
Kunstlederetikett mit Lasergravur
Laser-engraved imitation leather
Labels made from imitation leather are extremely robust and are at once familiar and distinctive in appearance.

They are manufactured either in a heat embossing process or by means of material removal using a laser beam with a relief as recess (also: inside the recess with elevations).

We also produce heat-embossed labels in the form of blind embossing (i.e. without foil) or foil embossing (e.g. gold, silver), as an option. In the case of blind embossing, a dark discolouration occurs in the imitation leather at the embossed points as a result of the application of heat when using certain materials – this generates the blind embossing look.

Typical sample applications for imitation leather labels:

  • Sewn-on labels for items of clothing, e.g. jeans
  • Labels for bags and fashion accessories
  • Labels for woollen blankets

Glücksband also offers imitation leather labels in smaller quantities at attractive terms.

Textile relief embossing

textile Drucketiketten - Bilddruck Reliefprägung Gold
Textile label with relief imprint
Webetikett Satin mit Heissprägung
Woven labels with hot embossing
Textile embossing is particularly suitable for textile labels whose visual impact is based on high gloss and matt finish effects, or gold and silver. Specific design elements are emphasised by embossing three-dimensional contours.

This means that the shape of the embossing can be designed entirely according to your wishes, as a dedicated relief-cut engraving (three-dimensional brass printing plate) is created for your special foil embossing.

Although the process is relatively cost-intensive, it offers unique design options. For a lasting impression.

Experience has shown that the following base materials are particularly suitable for foil embossing:

  • Acetate satin
  • Polyester satin

We offer a wide selection of the necessary foils.

Note: Embossings created with gold and silver foil are NOT washable.

3D tags

Woven key fob
Woven key fob
Reissverschlussanhänger gefüllt
Padded zip pull tab with laser-cut slot

Typical sample applications for 3D tags are:

  • Woven key rings
  • Zip pulls

For more 3D tags, see Hang tags/hanging labels.