Company history

Glücksband – a company with a long history

The history of ribbon manufacture

The Roth factory in Göppingen was founded in 1824 by Ludwig Friedrich Roth and his three sons. The ribbons they produced decorated the clothing and hats of ladies and gentlemen from the Rococo through to the Biedermeier period. The company was also famous for its corsets which were in demand as far afield as America. The years following the company’s foundation were characterised by expansion, experiment and export – yet it has remained true to the ribbon weaving industry right up to the present day.

Labels – the beginning

In 1955, Glücksband Roth GmbH & Co. KG acquired the ‘Heliotextil-Deutschland’ (‘Heliotextile Germany’) licence. This was a licence for printing boil-proof textile labels – a licence that has only been issued once in Germany’s history – and that was to us! Since then, we have developed and produced labels for all manner of articles arising from the interplay between object, customer, trend and target group. Potential applications are almost unlimited – we look forward to receiving your enquiry.

The management

The Roth family, which founded the company, maintained ownership for 163 years. The company was sold in 1987 to the Lutz and Wolf Weinmann families, who assumed the management of the company until 2001; currently they maintain an advisory role. Active management was taken over by sons Frank Weinmann (business school graduate [Dipl.-Kfm.], entered the company in 1996) and Oliver Weinmann (graduate engineer [Dipl.-Ing.], entered the company in 1997).

Glücksband Göppingen Etiketten-Tradition