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Labels – today

“The only constant is change.” Label production has witnessed significant change in recent years, with only a small proportion of our labels still being printed using the heliotextile process. Use of the latest technologies means we can now use screen printing, flexographic printing, letterpress printing, embossed printing and offset printing in the production of our labels. In the area of woven labels, the latest looms guarantee efficient production in every grade of quality imaginable.

This enables us to offer the most suitable printing process for every requirement, providing our customers with first-class printing results with a price/performance ratio that’s hard to beat. The production of drafts and printing plates at our in-house pre-print facility enables us to meet ever-increasing demands for greater flexibility and speed.

Trends, technology, tradition

Glücksband Roth GmbH & Co. KG can look back on more than 180 years of satisfied customers. This applies not only to weaving, but also to label printing since 1955. We have set the trend right from the start – with motivated and highly qualified staff and a spirit of innovation. This allows us to manufacture the widest variety of products at the highest level of quality – consistently. We can do this because we rely on the latest technology and high quality materials in our production processes.


Quick-changing trends, short response times, flexibility in series quantities, globalised trade – Glücksband faces the demands of the current market with a genuine spirit of enterprise.

We invest in the latest process technology and also develop this ourselves. We select materials carefully and develop novel material combinations; we bank on optimised processes and quality assurance. We also invest in our employees: in vocational training and further training, in health & safety, even in providing a pleasant working atmosphere.

We are experts – for quality and innovation. We are already working on our next ground breaking project. Watch out for us in the future.

Glücksband Etiketten Göppingen
Glücksband Etiketten Göppingen