Thermal transfer ribbon/thermal transfer foil

For thermal transfer printing, we provide:

Thermal transfer foil consists of a transfer foil (e.g. PET), which features a layer of colour particles (normally carbon black for black foil) and a thin layer of ‘hot glue’ (wax, wax resin or resin).

During the actual printing process in the thermal transfer printer, the label material together with the thermal transfer foil are both drawn under the print head of the thermal transfer printer by a feed roller at the same speed.

If a point on the thermal transfer print head is heated in the process, then the colour is transferred from the thermal transfer foil onto the label material together with the adhesive.

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Pre-printed label material:

Black thermal transfer foils are the most widely used. Coloured TT foils are also available – however, there is only a limited range of colours available and the wash fastness of prints with coloured foil is not as good as that of black prints.

Therefore, if thermal transfer labels with colourful logos or other coloured designs are required, it makes sense to use pre-printed label material.

For this, Glücksband prints your multi-coloured design on a label ribbon of your choice. You can then print your text with a thermal transfer printer for a perfect fit.

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Thermal transfer ribbon
Thermal transfer foil
  • Thermal transfer printing – unprinted ribbon
    Thermal transfer printing – unprinted ribbon
    Unprinted label ribbon
  • Thermal transfer printing – foil
    Thermal transfer printing – foil
    Foils for thermal transfer printing