Folien für den Thermotransfer-Druck in großer Auswahl

Thermal transfer printing – foil

Do you print labels with your thermal transfer printer and do you require suitable thermal transfer foil for this? Glücksband provides the right foil for your application – naturally in the spool width, length and winding type (coloured side inside/outside) you need and supplied on spools that fit your printer.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we will be happy to advise you with regard to which foil is most suitable for your application.



Tip: pre-printed labels

Thermal transfer foils offer only a limited range of colours. Are you happy with your printing results?

Our pre-printed labels also make it possible to produce multi-coloured textile labels using your single-colour thermal transfer printer. The setting you want for your flexible text, with a perfect visual result, and at a reasonable price.

Foils for thermal transfer printing are available in different qualities, with the deciding factor being the optimum combination with the material to be printed:

  • Wax foil

    Least expensive quality, mainly used for printing on paper labels. High covering ability, even on undulating surfaces. Disadvantage: smudges easily. Not suitable for textile applications, as it is not resistant to rubbing or washing.

  • Wax/resin foil

    Medium price bracket, for paper and plastic labels. Not suitable for textile printing. Higher covering ability than resin foil.

  • Resin foil

    Wash resistant up to 95°C possible with the right combination of the foil and textile base materials.

  • Colourful foils

    We are happy to provide an overview of the available colours of resin foils for textile labels on request.

  • Gold & silver

    The wash resistance of thermal transfer prints with gold and silver foils is relatively low (maximum 5 x 60°C). We therefore only recommend these thermal transfer foils for textile labels if the required wash resistance is of secondary importance.