Hang tags/hanging labels

For this type of label the options seem endless in terms of shape, colour and finish: Hang tags/hanging labels (‘card tags’).

Whether you use them as source of information alongside your logo, to emphasise your brand, or as a form of calling card, their uses are as varied as they are numerous. This diversity of function is what makes hanging labels unique.

These tags can be used for single-sided or double-sided printing. They can also be punched (featuring an eyelet), perforated, grooved, laminated (for gloss and durability), issued with spot coating or decorated in many other ways – according to your wishes.

On request, hanging labels can also be furnished with a hologram or magnetic strips or printed with a QR code/barcode. We can also produce tags with consecutive numbering, embossing or punching – almost anything is possible.

Card of various strengths are mainly used as the base material: card tags. However, hanging labels can also be made from textile, plastic or metal.

The hang tags can optionally be supplied cut (individually), on a roll or as a fanfold.

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Here are a few sample applications

for hang tags, card tags, textile tags and tags featuring mixed shapes: