Textile labels/printed textile labels

Printed textile labels have a varied range of uses, for example as German Textile Labelling Act (TKG) labels, care instructions, size labels, name labels, brand designations, safety labels, sewn-in labels of all types, with QR code/barcode, consecutive numbering or a combination of all of these.

Whether you’re looking to ensure compliance with the German Textile Labelling Act (TKG) or to provide your material with a customised imprint, everything is possible. Printed in combination with your logo, your brand or your corporate typeface, your printed textile labels are unmistakable.

Printed textile labels offer countless possibilities – just ask.

It goes without saying that all of our printed textile labels are certified according to the high standard of Oeko-Tex class 1.

This means that our textile labels are regularly tested for harmful substances and are approved for textiles and textile toys for babies and toddlers up to 3 years, e.g. underwear, baby grows, bed linen, bedding, stuffed toys, etc.

Here are a few sample applications for printed textile labels.

There are no limits placed on your creativity. We will be happy to assist you in the development of your individual printed textile labels.

    • Cotton ribbons are highly suited to the natural look, as is the blended fabric
    • cotton/polyester.
    • Polyester satin is recommended for its elegant gloss.
    • Nylon fabric is the most affordable version, particularly in the case of double-sided printing.
    • Adhesive satin is the right choice when adhesion is important.

      We also develop ready-made printed labels with mixed materials on request.

      The labels can be supplied according to your wishes:

      on a roll, folded in the centre, with diagonal folds or folded at the ends, trapezoidal or hot cut.

        Please note:

        our minimum production order for printed labels is 500 pieces.