Woven labels

Woven labels stand out thanks to their high quality appearance and texture. They add the finishing touch to high quality, elegant clothing and give your textiles greater impact.

Neck labels, which are always visible in a sales environment, can make an impression that is subtle and elegant or loud and garish. Woven labels do not draw attention to themselves in a gaudy manner, as they are one with the garment. As part of your marketing concept, woven labels promote your brand by means of their sophisticated customised design, attractive presentation and level of finish.

Woven labels also boast an exceptionally long service life and their appearance is seldom subject to fading. Woven labels can be produced in up to twelve colours in addition to the base colour and therefore offer a very rich spectrum of brilliant colour effects. Whether tone-on-tone or in colour harmonies, the effect is up to you.

It goes without saying that all of our woven labels are certified according to the high Oeko-Tex class 1 standard. This means that our woven labels are regularly tested for harmful substances and are approved for textiles and textile toys for babies and toddlers up to 3 years, e.g. underwear, baby grows, bed linen, bedding, stuffed toys, etc.

Here are a few sample applications for woven labels.

Creative freedom is not limited. We will be happy to help you in the development of your woven labels.

    The careful selection of the right base material will decide whether the finished woven label matches your expectations in terms of appearance and impact. The following materials have proven themselves for use in woven labels:

    • Cotton with firm selvedge
    • Polyester taffeta and high definition polyester taffeta
    • With heat-sealed edges, firm selvedge, tubular or cut to shape using ultrasound
    • Polyester satin with firm selvedge or with heat-sealed edges

    Satin labels differ from taffeta labels in terms of the different systems for intermeshing the warp threads with the weft threads of the fabric (weave theory). In satin labels, the fabric is formed using a version of atlas weave – in taffeta labels, a version of plain weave is used. Taffeta weaves therefore have a matt surface. Due to the very tight intermeshing of the fabric threads, these woven labels can be used to carry the colours of your choice across the entire label surface.

    High definition taffeta labels are produced using thinner yarns and a higher ‘weave density’ compared to ‘normal’ taffeta labels. As a result, woven labels of this kind have a higher ‘resolution’ and colour surfaces appear more even.

    Satin labels lend a gloss to the many parallel threads on the surface of the label according to the angle of incidence [of light]. The base of these woven labels is normally black or white.

    We also develop ready-made woven labels with mixed materials on request.

      In the case of woven labels with cut side edges, fraying is prevented by a seal created using hot blades, ultrasound or a laser. Labels with interwoven side edges (fixed edges) are a particularly elegant alternative. Edges and fixed edges cut using ultrasound feel especially pleasant against the skin.

      The reverse side of these labels can optionally be provided with a fleece cover, an iron-on coating or a self-adhesive coating.

        The woven labels can be delivered as you require:

        • On a spool
        • Folded in the centre or at the ends
        • Hot cut/smooth cut (‘banner’)
        • in a trapezoidal shape
        • Loop
        • Laser-cut to a special shape
          Please note:

          Our minimum production order for woven labels is 250 metres.

          At a label length of 10 cm, for example, this means a minimum order quantity of 2500 pieces.