File formats for print data

Please consider the following points so that we can print your layouts/templates as quickly and efficiently as possible:

  • Send us your layouts/designs by e-mail in an open PDF format.

  • Please attach any written documents, although they are better when converted into vectors/paths.

  • Images must be at least 200 dpi and be either a TIFF or JPG in the output format. They must absolutely be CMYK images.

  • RGB images are only suitable for screens and cannot be used for printing processes.

  • Please integrate any images or graphics from the PDF into your file or send them via e-mail along with your templates.

  • Mandatory colour prints, original patterns and details on pantone values are advantageous and helpful.

  • Please contact us via with any layout-related questions or call us on 07161/9992947 during the pre-print stage. We’ll be happy to help with your issue.

  • You can download a summary of the points mentioned above.

Print Data - Technical requirements

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