Print labels

Printed labels, brand labels or even just textile labels on raw fabric materials represent your business, your products, your brand identity and make it highly recognisable. The finest motifs and the pleasant feel of your labels will emphasise your brand’s uniqueness. Whether they’re made of fine, shiny silk, or – on request – recycled primary materials, they’ll be environmentally friendly when made from cotton or compostable pulp.

Drucketikett Satin
  • Polyester-Satin
  • Das Label mit unendlichen Variationen in Qualität und Anwendung. Mit Textiletiketten aus Polyester-Satin treffen Sie stets eine gute Wahl.

    Drucketikett Baumwolle
  • Baumwolle natur oder weiß
  • Labels aus Baumwolle für die nachhaltige Auszeichnung Ihrer Produkte. Im Natur-Look, Ökologisch, hochwertig und funktionell.

    Sonstige Drucketiketten
  • Verschieden Qualitäten
  • Labels aus Polyester/Baumwolle, Polyamid oder mit besonderen Eigenschaften runden das Sortiment an textilen Drucketiketten ab.

    Trapeze labels, base tapes and corner labels are common names used for these unique varieties of label. These “eyecatchers” will adorn not only bedcovers, pillows, bedspreads, but mattresses too. Since the 1990s, Glücksband has promoted its know-how in textile halftone flexographic printing with constant technical innovation in the pre-print stage. This has enabled us to print photo-realistic image prints on the softest silk surfaces right from the outset. Graphic motifs were a customer favourite in the 2000s, meaning that many of our sustainable recycled-polyester or cotton labels now have classic designs. By contrast, faux leather embossments and prints are always in demand with their timeless, exquisite character.

    Additional information on print labels such as the technical requirements for processing print data, layouts or the European Textile Labelling Act can be found under “Downloads”. Frequently asked questions about textile print labels can be found under “FAQs”.
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