Woven piping

Piping ribbon, used for the decoration of textile products. Glücksband primarily produces piping for bed clothes such as duvet covers or pillows, but also linens on occasion. The woven piping is produced in our own weaving mill using ribbon weaving machines. We primarily use cotton but also occasionally viscose threads. Dyeing is possible for up to 15,000 m per colour.


Markus Biniek
+49 (0) 71 61 / 999 29-22

Biese weiß / natur 9 mm
  • Baumwoll-Biese
  • ungefärbt
  • Färbungen und Ausrüstungen auftragsbezogen

    Biese farbig 9 mm
  • Baumwoll-Webbiese
  • gefärbt
  • Färbungen und Ausrüstungen auftragsbezogen

    Glanzbiese weiß / farbig 9 mm
  • Baimwoll-Webbiese
  • Glanzwulst aus Viskose
  • Farben aus Viskose-Farbkarte

    Ribbon weaving

    Ribbon of up to 50 mm


    Ribbon of up to 50 mm

    Braided piping