Founded as a ribbon weaving factory by Ludwig Friedrich Roth.

Manufacture of “wool and silk ribbons”


New company premises on the Banhofstrasse

This is now the headquarters of Göppingen’s district Sparkasse. Corset manufacturing begins, Göppingen becomes a centre for corset making in the years that follow.


New premises on the Bleichstrasse

After just 15 years, the company’s immense growth means its time to move again. “Roth & Cie.” will remain loyal to its location in the town centre for the next 100 years.


The company’s range is broadened by the edition of lamp wicks and woven products.


200 workers produce a large variety of ribbons, cords, braid, latchets and lamp wicks.


Economic crisis and currency decline

During the difficult years of Germany’s economic decline, the company is saved by its 70% export share to England and its ability to invoice domestic transactions in dollars. 


Zipper “boom”

Increased demand for ribbons in zip production gains importance for us, as almost all fashion products come from the Wuppertal area.


Employee numbers fall from 350 to 200 during the Second World War

Primarily women and men not fit for military services are delivering Wehrmacht orders such as parachute ribbons, laces and other accessory ribbons for equipment and clothing.


Textile labels made with the “heliotextile procedure” are added to the range.

We become licensed to produce and distribute “heliotextile labels” in Germany. The process makes it possible to wash printed labels for the first time.


GLÜCKSBAND becomes a trademark

GLÜCKSBAND becomes a registered trademark in the haberdashery industry. The “ladybird” first becomes the company logo.


Drop in ribbon prices

Ribbon prices drop drastically as a result of increased imports of Japanese textile ribbons and profitability decreases further.


Factory moves to Ursenwang

Lack of space and changes in urban development lead to the sale of the premises in the town centre. The new factory is built on the “Grüne Wiese” industrial area in the new suburb of Ursenwang.


The first 4 colour rotation screen print machine for label production is introduced.


Textile labels become increasingly successful

Economic successes in printed label production vastly outweigh the increasingly difficult situation in ribbon making.


150 year anniversary

1824 – 1975:
We celebrate “150 years of business and 6 generations of the ROTH family at the helm”.


Textile company is sold to the Weinmann family from Heilbronn

The Roth family is no longer interested in  running the 163 year old business that has spanned over 6 generations. Hans-Joachim Roth sells the company to Lutz and Wolf Weinmann. The new owners also run a trimming company which has been in their family for several generations. Mr Roth remains with the company until 1993


Frank and Oliver Weinman become managing directors.

The new generation begins when the company is handed over to sons Frank and Oliver Weinmann. Both have been authorised signatories for many years now since completing their studies.

Glücksband - A Company with Tradition

Ribbons, that make history