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With our very wide range of products this isn’t possible. We produce nearly all of our print labels and ribbons here in Göppingen. We source other products such as woven labels from our worldwide partners, some of whom we have worked with for decades.

No. All labels are produced or sourced according to your own wishes and specifications.

To provide you with a quote, we require details on the quality, format, colour, layout and condition required for your label,  ideally as a PDF or vectorised template.

Print labels

Our minimum is 500 units when printing labels.

We can print anything from single-colour labels to ones with 5 special colours or as a 4C colour set following the Euro-scale.

They start at 10 mm and ascend in 5mm segments to a maximum of  210 mm.

The maximum length for a label is 400 mm.

We offer a wide range of varieties suitable for your area of use and requirements. Our main varieties are: polyester-silk, polyester-cotton in white or natural colours (unbleached). However, labels are also available in polyamide (nylon), polyester taffeta, Tyvek, as well as silk and cotton ribbons with fixed selvedges. We also provide various varieties of adhesive labels.

Woven labels

Depending on production, we will weave a minimum of 250m. If, for example, your design is 50 mm including its space to sew in, it will produce  250 m/50 mm * 1000 = 5,000 woven labels.

Depending on their width, we can produce woven labels with a maximum of 12 thread colours from a selection of 128.

There are a wide range of materials available depending on your design and use.

We provide anything from simple polyester taffeta to the highest quality premium taffeta or polyester silk with cut or fixed selvedges.

Woven labels can be produced from a minimum width of 10 mm or 7 mm for ultrasonic cutting.

The minimum for motif ribbons is 250 linear metres. Depending on the width of the ribbon, they may have to be divided in segments of 6-10 metres. We recommend a minimum quantity of 500 linear metres.

Thermal transfer printing

In principle, you can. Please tell us the type and producer of your thermal transfer printer. We would be happy to advise you over the phone.

TT ribbons and foils are cut out from large rolls and tailored to use.

The minimum quantity is calculated from the number of rolls (length and width) that are cut out of the larger roll.

For textile TT-prints you will need a suitable resin foil. We have suitable TT-foils for our TT-ribbons which we identify during our regular printing and wash tests.

Glücksband will deliver the appropriate combination of ribbons/foils directly to you.

Ribbon weaving

Glücksband produces order-related woven ribbons for customers from a wide range of sectors. Depending on width and material required, we can produce ribbons starting from 10,000 m.

Glücksband produces order-related ribbons for customers from branches of industry that fit their requirements. Therefore, the material, width and equipment required are all individual.

We have all our polyester and cotton ribbons dyed by an external provider. Quantities start at 50 kg per colour. This equates to approx. 11,000 m for 20 mm-width polyester twill tape.

No. We primarily produce woven ribbons for industry and trade purposes.

Bias tapes made from cut textiles are not part of our range. We only deliver ribbons with woven edges.


Give us a call! You can reach us Mon-Thur between 08:00 and 17:00 or between 08:00 and 13:00 on Fridays.


Or send us an e-mail at and we’ll get back to you.

No, we don’t have a showroom. If you would like individual consultation, please contact us and we will arrange a personal meeting with you.

You’ll find a document with detailed information about our various layouts in our downloads section, which can be found under contact/downloads in the menu.





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