Adhesive labels

Woven adhesive and iron-on labels can be found for your requirements. We have self-adhesive, removable or thermally activated glues for iron-on labels. Punched-out or laser-cut labels on carrier material or individual, as requested.

Haftetikett Textil
  • Polyester Taft High-Definition
  • Kontur gestanzt
  • Haftetikett Textil Lasercut
  • Polyester Taft High-Definition
  • Individuelle Kontur
  • Textil-Transfer Lasercut
  • Polyester Taft High-Definition
  • TemperaturaktivierterKleber
  • Additional information on woven labels such as the technical requirements for processing print data, layouts or the European Textile Labelling Act can be found under “Downloads”. Frequently asked questions about woven labels can be found under “FAQs
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