Woven labels are versatile and there are no limits to their possibilities. Emblems and patches for work outfits and uniforms, key-rings, zip pullers and much more!

Webetikett SEA
  • Polyester Taft High-Definition
  • Schwer entflammbar appretiert
  • Web-Emblem Thermo
  • Polyester Taft High-Definition
  • Formstanzung / Lasercut
  • Web-Emblem Kontur
  • Polyester Taft High-Definition
  • Gekettelt, Thermokleber möglich
  • Web-Zipper / Zugband
  • Polyester Taft HD Schlauch
  • Geschlitzt, mit / ohne Füllung

  • Webetikett Textilmarker
  • Polyester Taft High-Definition
  • Beschriftung per Textilmarker
  • Web-Anhänger
  • Polyester Taft High-Definition
  • Mit Schlüsselring
  • Additional information on woven labels such as the technical requirements for processing print data, layouts or the European Textile Labelling Act can be found under “Downloads”. Frequently asked questions about woven labels can be found under “FAQs
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