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Textile labels – today

“Change is the only constant”. The many methods of label production have seen significant changes in the last few years. With the latest technical equipment, we can manufacture textile labels with flexographic printing with a quality that is on par with offset and digital printing. Different methods such as embossing, screen and thermal transfer printing are now also on offer.

Our in-house manufacturing of designs and printing plates in our own pre-print allow us to fulfil current demands for flexibility and fast delivery.

For our woven labels, we can count on close collaboration with our worldwide partnerships which we at Glücksband have been forming continuously since the 1970s. Our customers really appreciate being able to access the highest quality selection of weave varieties at unbeatable prices/value for money.

Trends, technology, tradition.

Glücksband Roth GmbH & Co. can look back on more than 197 years of satisfied customers. Not only because of their ribbon weaving, but also because they have been trendsetters in textile label printing since 1955. Throughout out long history as a company, we have always set and reacted to incoming trends with the help of our motivated and highly qualified employees and our innovative spirit.


Fast changing trends, short response times, quantity-flexible series, globalised trade – Glücksband will face the challenges of the modern market with future-oriented innovation.

Investment and development of the latest process technology and constant optimisation of processes with the goal of delivering the highest quality products to our customers on reasonable terms.

We’re investing more in our employees, their training and further training, in modern workplaces that meet health and safety requirements. Creating a pleasant working environments that allows for healthy and relaxed work will lead to a motivated workforce.

With competence for quality – we’re already preparing our next innovative project. Come visit us in the future!